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Always on time. Always with a smile.

Man and His Van are local Sydney removalists with 25+ years experience. 

From the biggest house to the smallest unit, Man and His Van are happy to help with all Sydney house moves. With a fleet of removal trucks, specifically designed to move residents throughout the entire Sydney metro area, furniture removals have never been easier!

Man and His Van have the knowledge and infrastructure to deal with everything from a large Mosman waterfront, to a villa on the North Shore,  a cottage on the Northern Beaches, or a one-bedroom Eastern Suburbs apartment, we take the same professional approach and positive attitude.

All the local Sydney work of Man and His Van is undertaken on the hourly rate. This gives our clients the opportunity of a significant saving if they have everything all packed and ready to go. The more packed up and organized the client, then the quicker (aka cheaper) the furniture removal. In saying that, we are often required to pack the smaller and more delicate items too.

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Moving Tip 1 – Packing the home

Man and His Van offer the full packing and unpacking service.

A Man and His Van pre-pack will give the peace of mind that all is professionally packed and can then be fully insured. A house is usually pre-packed the day preceding the removal though smaller unit moves can be both packed and moved on the same day.

Moving Tip 2 – Access to the home

Good, flat access will considerably speed up a move.  For obvious reasons, it is quicker to move an apartment from the ground floor than one on the third floor. Some apartments may require a ute “ferry vehicle” to transfer furniture from the truck to the elevator located down in the underground car park.

Many Sydney homes have spectacular views and sometimes these houses are accessed by stairways to the sky.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix to such a move but extra manpower is the key.

Moving Tip 3 – Parking the removals van

The better the access and the nearer the removal van can park to the front door the quicker things are completed. If it will be impracticable to park the furniture van in the driveway then please secure a close parking spot for the van by leaving cars out the night before.

Moving Tip 4 – How long does a removalist move take?

Furniture removal pricing estimates

For a furniture removal with good access and where everything is well packed and organised, then the average* moving times for local removals are indicated below :

  • Average removalist time of a 1 bedroom unit is approximately 3 – 4 hours with 2 removalists
  • Average removalist time of a 2 bedroom unit is approximately 4 – 5 hours with 2+ removalists
  • Average removalist time of a 3 bedroom unit is approximately 5 – 7 hours with 2+ removalists
  • Average removalist time of a 2 bedroom house is approximately 6 – 7 hours with 2 removalists
  • Average removalist time of a 3 bedroom house is approximately 7 – 10 hours with 2+ removalists
  • Average removalist time of a 4 bedroom house is approximately 7 – 10 hours with 3+ removalists

* Assumes good access and that all items are packed and ready to go. Please note that difficult access or poor packing will increase moving times.

Larger homes can still be moved in one day as we simply send either two or three teams for the move.

While the times above are estimates, with over 30 years furniture removal experience, we have seen it all… for example, a one-bedroom unit that filled a 12-tonne truck and took all day and a five-bedroom house all completed in under five hours. We are expert furniture removalist serving all Sydney areas including the Northern Suburbs, Upper and Lower North Shore, Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and the Sydney CBD.

Examples of recent Sydney furniture removals jobs and pricing

sydney furniture removals northern beaches

House at North Balgolwah

Two men packing the fragile items on Monday 29th July 2019 at this Balgolwah home on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Four men for 8.5 hours.

furniture removals northern sydney

House at Beecroft 

Two men 7.5 hours loading for house contents into storage at this Beecroft house in Northern Sydney. Next day 4.5 hours offloading into Man and His Van storage.
Note: All Man and His Van clients receive one month of free storage.

( photo coming )

Unit at Chatswood

Packing and furniture removal at a two bedroom apartment at Chatswood on Sydney’s North Shore. Two men 8.5 hours.

Moving Tip 5 – There’s more to moving and storage than boxes and furniture!

At Man and His Van we understand that moving can be an emotionally draining time for you and your family, as there is infinitely more involved in the process than merely lugging around heavy boxes and moving furniture from one place to another.

We take the stress out of furniture removals

Fortunately, all the stress of moving can be avoided with one simple phone call to Man and His Van.

From the moment you pick up the phone to contact us you’ll notice the professionalism and genuinely warm and friendly nature of our staff. Something that extends right throughout the team, from the CEO to the removalists in the trucks, and everybody in between. Moving home is something that happens to people, not things. We recognise this fact and go out of our way to ensure that everything about your move runs like clockwork. And that – both emotionally and physically – we do all the heavy lifting for you.

On time and with a smile

When it comes to moving, it’s imperative to get the basics right. That’s why no matter where you are in Sydney, whether it be Manly on the beautiful Northern Beaches, Mosman on the North Shore or Paddington in the Eastern Suburbs: Man and His Van always turn up on time.

We never over-charge. We work with smiles on our faces. We handle your possessions with the utmost care imaginable. And we listen wholeheartedly to your individual needs and requirements. That way all you have to worry about on the big day is how much fun you’re going to have unpacking, and which kid gets first dibs on the big bedroom at the top of the stairs!

The difference is, we care.

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Man and His Van Removalists

Established in 1993, Man and His Van is a Sydney removal moving company synonymous with quality service and exceptional value for money.

Removalists you can trust

When you choose Man and His Van for your next removalist job you do so safe in the knowledge that we are fully accredited by AFRA (the Australian Furniture Removalists Association). AFRA is the removal industry’s nationwide governing body and ensures members adhere strictly to its code of conduct and levels of quality and service for moving and storage. This accreditation brings with it a guarantee that all our trucks, offices, storage units, administration staff and removal team exceed the highest industry standards of professionalism and training.

Full-service removalists services

We’re here to help to make the moving process as easy and stress-free as possible.  Our team can remove a number of time-consuming requirements of the moving process from your to-do list including the supply of moving boxesprofessional packing service and organising secure storage of your valuable belongings, where required. It’s all part of our professional moving services.

25 years experience in the removals industry

Since establishing our removalist business in Manly over 25 years ago, we have been serving Sydney’s Northern Suburbs, Upper and Lower North Shore, Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and the Sydney CBD offering specialist removals and storage services, accumulating unrivalled local knowledge and a city-wide reputation for excellence.

If you’re moving house or your business, we know that sound preparation and attention to detail is the key.  This is why we carefully liaise with you during the lead-up to your moving date so we can ensure everything goes according to plan. No details are ever overlooked.

One month free storage!

We have storage facilities in Brookvale and Dee Why and offer our customers one month of free storage. This is ideal if you are looking to de-clutter before putting your home on the market or you haven’t yet found a new home or office space.

There is more to moving and storage than boxes and furniture

We’re not just removalists going through the motions – we understand that moving can be an emotionally draining time for you and your family. After 25 years in the house moving business we know it’s more than merely lugging around heavy boxes and moving furniture from one place to another. Moving house is considered one of the most stressful experiences, on par with getting fired. It’s no wonder people get overwhelmed!

Call 02 9907 3300 or email our team today for a no obligation removals quote. With multiple removalist trucks operating throughout Sydney including the Northern Beaches, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs and Inner West we make moving house or office and storing your valuable possessions easy and stress-free.

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