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At Man and His Van, we know exactly how stressful moving can be. Especially when it comes to your furniture. We aim to take that stress out of your life by providing world-class furniture removal services. Our teams are professional, punctual, and extremely careful with your belongings. 

We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our professional furniture removal services.


What Furniture Removal Services Do We Offer?

We’re an all-inclusive moving company and we know how to take the stress out of the furniture removal process. 

Commercial, Residential, and Interstate Furniture Moving

At Man and His Van, we handle furniture removal for commercial moves, residential moves, and Interstate moves. We’re equipped to handle any furniture you can throw at us, no matter how large, oddly shaped, or heavy your furniture is. If you’re worried we won’t be able to handle a certain item, don’t be. There’s a good chance we’ve moved it before! If we haven’t, even better. We love a challenge. 


We have strategies in place to carefully lift your furniture, transport it safely without damage, and deliver it to your new location. We take 100% of the burden of moving your heavy furniture off of you and do it all with a smile and a safety guarantee. You won’t have to worry about damaged goods as we are extremely careful with each and every piece we transport. This is our number one priority for our clients.


Furniture Packing Services

In addition to our moving services, Man and His Van offer packing services to further reduce the workload and stress that you face when moving furniture. We have packaging materials, tape, wraps, and more to ensure that no piece of furniture that we pack or ship for you gets damaged in the process of moving. We know the common mistakes people make when moving furniture, and how to avoid making them.
If you’re stressing out about getting your home or businesses’ furniture packed up for a move, you can stop worrying! We’re experts at packing and handling all types of furniture from chairs to refrigerators to sectionals to king-sized beds.

Furniture Storage Solutions

If your move-out date does not coincide with your move-in date, or you haven’t located a new place for your business or residence, we can help there as well! We offer both long and short-term storage solutions for our clients to further enhance the value we bring to the table.
We know that each move is a complicated puzzle of moving pieces. We own and operate 5 separate Northern Beaches storage facilities. Each unit is temperature-controlled, and we expertly wrap all furniture to ensure it stays in the exact condition it was in when you entrusted it to us. If you’re worried that the cost of storage may be prohibitively expensive, worry not! Our rates are extremely reasonable. You can view our storage estimates based on the size of your home or business here.

We Take Care of Your Furniture

Moving is stressful, and trusting your beloved furniture to someone you’ve never met before can make it even more so. Our top priority is ensuring the safety and condition of your furniture. If we move your furniture, it will arrive in the exact condition it left your home or business in. We don’t take shortcuts, we don’t toss things around, and we make sure each and every item is fully secure for the drive to the new location.
While Man and His Van is a cheeky name, every furniture removalist we employ is top-notch, experienced in moving heavy items carefully, and trained extensively by our staff on moving etiquette. We have many men, and many vans, and can handle a move of any size. If you don’t think we can handle your move or a specific piece of furniture, just give us a call and we’ll let you know! 
We don’t play games with your prized possessions.

Insured Furniture Removalists

With each and every move, we have the ability to provide moving insurance for the rare case of an accident. While we are dedicated, reliable, and operate with a safety-first mentality, there’s always the chance of a situation that is outside of our control. For these situations, we help our customers rest easy knowing that their move is insured. If you’re curious about insurance, and the rates we can offer you, we can provide quotes ahead of time based on the size of the move.


Punctual and Professional

The second most important thing to us at Man and His Van, after the safety of your belongings, is professionalism. While we’re a fun group, we know that you have things to do and places to be. When we schedule an appointment, we’ll be there on time, every time.
Each of our employees is trained in customer service to ensure your satisfaction. We are polite, self-sufficient, and know when to ask questions. We have completed hundreds of thousands of furniture removals in Sydney alone, and know what to do and how to do it. If you have special requests or suggestions, we’re always open to modifying our strategies for your peace of mind provided it won’t cause damage to your furniture.

25+ Years in the Furniture Removal Business

Experience matters when it comes to moving the largest and most important pieces of your home. We have 25+ years of success behind us, which means that you can trust our furniture removal techniques and services. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and your satisfaction is only achieved when your furniture has arrived without any dings, scratches, or missing/broken pieces.
We’ve handled antiques and every other high-value furniture item you can imagine without issue. Our 25+ years of experience allows us to not waste your time when it comes to moving your furniture. We’ve taken 200kg+ items down numerous flights of stairs, and navigated some of the tightest hallways and doorways in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, and beyond. Let us put our furniture removal experience to use for you. 
If you have a special piece of furniture and are wondering if we can move it for you, give us a call today! You’ll speak to one of our furniture removal experts and get a quote for your move in minutes.

Fully Accredited by the Australian Furniture Removalists Association (AFRA)

In addition to having almost 30 years in the furniture removal business, we’re pleased to say we’re fully accredited by AFRA. This accreditation means that each and every one of our movers are fully trained in furniture removal. We meet and exceed all standards imposed by AFRA, and are honored to receive and maintain this designation. When it comes to moving furniture, a full understanding of best practices and extensive training are a requirement.

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As one of the premier removalist companies in Sydney and the territory, we have a great reputation in the local industry for our reliability, on-time services, transparent pricing, and the quality of the work that we do. We are also known for offering our furniture removal service come rain, hail, or shine.

For all your furniture removal needs in Sydney, the territory, and beyond, please feel free to give us a call at (02) 9907-3300. It only takes one call for our team to get up and get ready to come to your door or office and help make your moving or relocation so much easier.

When you need to move large ad bulky furniture, trust that Man and His Van is the company that handles your belongings with the utmost care and accountability.

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