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New and second hand moving boxes for sale in all shapes and sizes. From removalist boxes to butcher’s paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, striped bags and even plastic covers for your furniture, visit our moving box supply shop on the Northern Beaches for everything you need to keep your valuables safe and damage-free during your move.

Buy new and used moving boxes

We sell both new and second hand moving boxes plus a range of packing material from our Brookvale Box Factory on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We have thousands of new removalist boxes and usually have plenty of used moving boxes available too.

buy moving boxes
Visit us at

Unit 6, 91-93 Old Pittwater Road
Brookvale, Northern Beaches, Sydney

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There is plenty of parking and you can drive right in.

Second hand and recycled moving boxes

We like to play our part for the environment and reduce single-use moving box usage by paying $1.00  for each Man and His Van moving box returned to us by our moving customers. Refunds are given, only with receipt, on new boxes, in decent condition only. There are no returns on second hand boxes sold

All your moving supplies in one handy location

Along with moving boxes, we also sell everything necessary to keep your furniture and keepsakes safe and undamaged including:

Tea Chest (or Standard Carton)
tea chest moving boxes for sale

Based on the original Indian Tea-Chest size carton but more conveniently manufactured from double cushion, heavy grade cardboard. This is the ideal carton to use for everyday clothes, kitchen appliances, lamp-shades, manchester, children’s toys, bric-a-brac and anything too large for the crystal carton.

  • Price: $6.00 individually, $5.00 each for 10 or more and $4.00 second hand (if available).  Return of $1.00 on new boxes sold.

  • Size: 42cm (l) x 40cm (w) x 63cm (h)

Crystal Carton (or book box)
standard moving boxes for sale

Similarly constructed from top quality, dual ply cardboard, this box has been made to deal with anything heavy or fragile in nature. It is the box to choose when packing kitchen crockery, glassware, cutlery and tins of food. From elsewhere in the house, this is the carton to use for books & magazines, files, stationary, ornaments and anything too heavy to pack into the T-Chest.

  • Price: $4.50 individually, $4.00 each for 10 or more and $3.00 second hand (if available). Return of $1.00 on new boxes sold

  • Size: 42cm (l) x 32cm (w) x 35 cm (h)

Wine Carton
wine carton moving boxes for sale

This box is a good alternative to wrapping your wine in paper & using the crystal carton. Our purpose-made wine box will hold 12 standard 750ml bottles of your favorite red or white cradled snuggly in two cardboard moulded cutouts. Probably slightly more expensive than using the crystal carton but without doubt a lot quicker & more convenient on the packing side of things. More importantly, the expensive wine is stored in the correct horizontal position.

  • Price: $7.00 each new or $5.00cond hand (prices include the necessary inserts) Return of $2.00 on new wine boxes sold.

  • Size: 50cm (l) x 33cm (w) x 18cm (h)

Portable Wardrobes
portable wardrobe moving boxes for sale

Designed to transport your coats, dresses, suits & business shirts with the minimum of fuss from your old home to the new. Our extra heavy duty port-a-robe is the ideal solution to escape expensive visits to the dry-cleaners and unwanted hours in front of the ironing board. Although there are cheaper, inferior products available at alternative packaging suppliers, here at Man & His Van we only stock the very best!

  • Price:  $30 each new or $24 second hand (if available). Ask about our hire charge if we are moving you. There is a return of $8 on new wardrobe boxes sold.

  • Size: 60cm (l) x 50cm (w) x 114cm (h). They do not fit in small cars.

Paper, tissue & tape
packing tape moving boxes for sale

We have 3 types of tape, 2 different size bundles of plain paper and 1 ream of tissue paper to choose from. For exceptional value for money our large 15 kilogram ($50) ream of plain white butchers’ paper will cope with the contents of most substantial house kitchens with some left over for the kids to scribble on. Alternatively, our 5 kilo ($20) bundle of paper is more suitable for smaller homes or packing away the unwanted dinner set into storage. We also keep a good supply of tissue paper permanently in stock for fine bone china, figurines and delicate ornaments where butchers paper often causes damage on the unpack. High quality Italian Vibac tape is $4 per roll (clear or tan) while fluoro orange fragile tape is $6 for extra peace of mind.

Plastic furniture covers
plastic furniture covers moving boxes for sale

A great way to keep mattresses, lounges, arm chairs and cushions completely dust and damp free when moving on a rainy day or going into long term storage. Our wide selection of tailor made covers are manufactured to a minimum of 75um heavy duty plastic and strategically open down one side for sofas or on the end for mattresses. If you want to get creative with a pair of scissors, they also work as great dust sheets when decorating.

  • Price: Small $8 | Large $12

Bubble wrap & bubble craft
bubble wrap moving boxes for sale

For use on art, vases & the like or when extra cushioning is required (international freight). A lot more time consuming & tricky to deal with, bubble wrap is perfect for glass covered prints compared to paper backed bubble craft which is better suited to oil on canvas. Pre-cut bubble wrap 6m3 sheets are $10 each or if you are require a commercial quantity an entire 100 meter roll (1.5m wide) is $160. Paper backed bubble craft is $3 per meter (1.5m wide) and although always in stock we do appreciate a pre-order phone call.

Striped storage bags: PVC woven tartan laundry bags
woven striped bags moving boxes for sale

The striped storage bags are $4 each and work well for merchandise, soft toys, cushions and even the laundry. Dimensions are approximately 55cm wide by 65cm high. The bags have a metal zip and are re-usable.


Returns are given, only with receipt, on new boxes, in decent condition only. There are no returns on second-hand boxes sold.

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